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Blog maintained by Abella studios is Recently in abella studios blog, engagement photos of Megan and Angelos’s is posted by Abella studios and it taken by New Jersey photography studio which is more romantic and it seems very realistic. Talent of photographer shown well in this, it makes everyone eyes pleasant.

3400 Dubliners presented at the Photography Gallery

Images of over 3,400 Dubliners and visitors to the capital until the 1980s were captured in a new exhibition at the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar 1930 The man on the bridge exhibition a collection of the works of Arthur boxes “street photographer”, pedestrians images on O’Connell Bridge over a period of 50 years, took over. John and Vera Hand of St. Margaret in the north of Dublin, which for a young couple on film in 1968 in the exhibition, explains the process.

“It would be the camera at you and you would slow down or stop if you wanted to take a picture. It will give you a map and then a few days were a number of his later you go to a store on the street Talbot and if you liked it, you want to buy it, “said Mr. hand.

“They were very popular because it was such a gossip who do not have a picture of these days, and many people cameras, and if so, you would not really be taken in one night,” said woman hand.

Despite hundreds of thousands of photographs from the 1930s to 1988, none of the images disadvantages on the ground to survive. The photographs in the exhibition were by their subjects or family members who presented that contributed responded by independent filmmakers and film Ciaran Deeney David Clarke El Zorrero on a crowdsourcing project with social media and advertising in stores such as Clerys on O’Connell Street, which provides the backdrop for some of the photos.

Most of the fields, who worked mainly on O’Connell Bridge, but other roads Photographer’s on O’Connell Street, including Con Keane, Danny Delahunty, Harry Cowan, Max Coleman, John Quinn are suspected be at the work exposure. The exhibition illustrates the evolution of the modes and change the setting to photography in the 20th century. The themes of the first recordings of the 1930s and 1940s are quite dressed formally dressed very much like their mothers with young girls, and often they appear sick with the camera at ease. In records later, subjects appear relaxed and are more likely to perform for the camera. Most are featured “normal” people, but some familiar faces appear including actor Noel Purcell and Margaret Rutherford and 1940s boxer Jack Daly and his wife, the artist Movita Castaneda. The exhibition will be open to January 8th.

Beats, punks and Cascades: The photograph of Glen E Friedman

Glen E Friedman has made a career in the right place at the right time. Over the past four decades, particularly since the mid-70s to early 90s, American photographer has proven adept at entering the cultural phenomena in their training times. For more information, see the first pages of his new book, my rules, an exciting medley of his most lasting work. (A show of the same name, which opens the book, in central London earlier last week.)

In the first spread a teenage skateboarder up the asphalt of West LA, Friedman still in high school and skateboarding is growing – and notoriety – as a sub-culture of the West Coast. Turn the page, and the second bay, dated 1982, puts us in a sweat and fury of hardcore punk concert in Staten Iceland – Friedman documents the American punk rock scene as it takes on both the shape coast.

He was also the beginning of hip hop called golden age. The third extension of 1985 portraits of Run-DMC, one of the first major outbreak of the kind of acts. I quote Henry Rollins, who several times in the book in front of the powerful Californian punk band Black Flag is displayed: “He was starting the cool stuff in so many different areas, it’s not funny.”

How did he do?

“Of course, I was lucky to born when I was growing up and when I did,” Friedman admits that when I called at his home in New York. “My mother to California to live in third year and I happened to be in an area, the epicenter of the skateboard. “But he insists it was not just a matter of luck. he stood on a board before it takes a camera and was well placed to document future stars like Jay and Tony Alva, when they started skateboarding pushing to new extremes in the mid 70s.

From there it was a logical step, punk rock, he said. “When punk came, it was a perfect fit for skateboarders – fear and speed, the intensity is that’s what we tried to find all the time Suddenly bands we like to play in these small rooms and .. I’m like, holy shit, I could touch the person. I have to start image of this. ”

He has more than photos. When he heard a demo of the infamous LA band Suicidal Tendencies, he offered to produce their debut album and take the work and eventually became their manager. Friedman always touch the impresario of him. If hip-hop is a force to reckon with in the early 80s, he forged a connection with Def Jam and helped promote acts of comings and goings of the record, including the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and Public Enemy. In addition to the inclusion of their equipment and coverage of the promotional album, he fought for the recognition and protection against hip-hop acts not win press in the rock. “American music has always been separated much more,” he said. “In order to get in magazines and on the radio, it was not the easiest thing.”

Finally – and this explains the joyous approach, all-in, and informs his new book – Friedman declined between its major cultural inclinations to distinguish. “Skateboarding, punk and hip-hop – almost completely interchangeable for me,” he said. “It’s a question of attitude -. What is the unifying element “Proof, he adds, is in the mix.” When I think of people of different cultures supposedly, they are all good. “